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Raising Resilience


Since the 1950s, psychologists and researchers have been studying resilience and its impact on our lives.

  • Why is it that under strain and stress, some of us weaken – whilst others grow?

  • Why is that some of us embrace challenge, even when we know we might fail, whilst others of us shy away?

  • What even is resilience? How can we define it?

  • How do we build it?

  • What can a parent do to help foster resilience in their child?


In TWD’s ALIVE approach to wellbeing, resilience is the considered the pinnacle asset of wellbeing. In this presentation you’ll find out why!


This presentation explores a range of practical, science-informed strategies for parents to assist them in supporting their children through the inevitable ups and downs of childhood and adolescence.


You’ll learn TWD’s Resilience Loop – embracing future change, adapting to present change, and learning from past change.  We’ll also share the Resilience Bridge as a metaphor for understanding resilience and leave parents with five specific tactics to foster resilience in their loved ones.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the origins of resilience science and what we’ve discovered from the research.

  • Explore the language of resilience and ways to discuss resilience with your family.

  • Discover strategies to enhance your own resilience as a parent or carer.

  • Learn evidence-based tactics to build resilience in your child.


  • 60-120 minute, interactive, live presentation

  • Designed and delivered by experienced wellbeing educators

  • Real stories and unique angles

  • Includes access to audio recording and video (when possible)

  • Includes pre-engagement call with the presenter

  • Includes post-presentation access to PDF of presentation slides

  • Can be adapted for wellbeing / pastoral care educators

  • Optional Q & A

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