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45 evidence-informed, road-tested strategies deisgned to elevate educator wellbeing and effectivness.


Empower yourself with practical strategies to boost your wellbeing and effectiveness in and out of the classroom with our Wellbeing Tactic Cards.


Designed for educators of all levels, these 45 scientifically based tactics, found in our online course ‘The Wellbeing Educator’, cover a wide range of topics, from resilience and mindfulness to sleep and nutrition. Each card displays a memorable tactic title and a QR code linking to videos that explain the tactics and downloadable PDFs to support your implementation of the tactics.


These actionable tips and strategies have been tried and tested, offering immediate impact on your personal and professional life.



  • 45 tactic cards addressing 15 key areas of wellbeing.
  • Practical tips grounded in science.
  • Suitable for educators at all levels.
  • Includes blank cards for personalised tactics.
  • Physical cards housed in a stylish box.


Elevate your wellbeing and effectiveness: Whether you're seeking to enhance resilience, foster positive relationships, or improve your overall wellbeing, these tactic cards are your companion on the journey to becoming a happier and more effective educator.

The Wellbeing Educator Tactic Cards for Teachers

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