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Tactical Teaching


Teaching is two things. Hard. And. One of the most important, impactful, wonderful professions on earth.


In this presentation we explore a range of practical tactics that teachers can implement immediately to support their own wellbeing and further their growth as professional educators.
Your teaching team will experience science-informed tactics that have been road-tested and are ready to use.  With more than 100 TWD Tactics for you to choose from, we can tailor a presentation to suit the specific needs and interests of your teachers.

Tactics address concepts including priming your day, building connection, fostering resilience, navigating stressful moments, enhancing engagement, staying present-minded, and more.


Key Takeaways

  • Explore how an “experimentful” mindset can sustain high levels of professionalism.

  • Discover findings from cutting-edge science that can allow teachers to understand the mechanisms underpinning their practice.

  • Learn evidence-based tactics being used by teachers around the world.


  • 60-180 minute, interactive, live presentation

  • Designed and delivered by experienced wellbeing educators

  • Educator language and narratives

  • Real stories and unique angles

  • Cutting-edge science, distilled

  • This presentation is customisable for your setting

  • Includes access to audio recording and video (when possible)

  • Includes pre-engagement call with the presenter

  • Includes post-presentation access to PDF of presentation slides

  • Can be adapted for administrative staff

  • Optional Q & A

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