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Energising, Equipping, & Empowering School Communities

Engaging and practical in-person or online presentations, keynotes, and workshops adapted specifically for each audience and delivered by the TWD team.

In each presentation, we unearth wisdom, distil emerging science and concepts, and explore practical tactics that enable individuals and communities to be at their best.

Our presentations are designed to help the audience feel connected, inspired, and informed.


Presentations can be delivered as a single session lasting 60 to 180 minutes, or we can design a custom package – delivered as a series of multiple sessions spread across a day, a term, semester, or year.

Tactical Teaching

Discover powerful, simple, evidence-based, practical strategies to elevate educator wellbeing and effectiveness.

An Introduction to Wellbeing Education

What is it? Why does it matter? Does it really work? How can I apply it to my life and my teaching craft?

Living & Teaching with Alignment

Explore the four powerful components – or Vectors – from our ALIVE approach that enhance teacher wellbeing and engagement.

Great Teams 'S.H.A.R.E' 

This presentation explores five interconnected wellbeing concepts that help optimise team cohesion and performance.


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