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Top 7 Tactics for Students


Possibly the only job in education that's harder than being a teacher is: being a student!

In this presentation we explore a range of practical tactics that students can implement immediately to help manage stress, and to optimise their wellbeing and performance
We have selected seven of our favourite wellbeing tactics that resonate with Middle and High-school students. Throughout the presentation students will experience the tactics, learn a little of the science that underpins them, and understand the impact they can have on wellbeing and learning.

This presentation has been successfully delivered to hundreds of students in Australia and internationally.


Key Takeaways

  • Explore practical, evidence-based wellbeing strategies that students can use immediately.

  • Discover findings from cutting-edge science that can allow students to understand the mechanisms underpinning the tactics.

  • Learn how to better manage stress in students' lives.


  • 60-90 minute, interactive, live presentation

  • Based on cutting-edge research.

  • Designed to be engaging and fun for students.

  • Designed and delivered by experienced wellbeing educators

  • Cutting-edge science, distilled

  • This presentation is customisable for your setting

  • Includes access to audio recording and video (when possible)

  • Includes pre-engagement call with the presenter

  • Includes post-presentation access to PDF of presentation slides

  • Optional Q & A

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